Saturday, March 01, 2014

Titan sized doldrums

Still haven't worked out how to post pictures, sorry.  Honestly, I've been too cold/frozen/bored/overwhelmed to look into it all that hard. The last time I checked, there was an 8-10 step process to do it instead of clicking one icon and having the site do it for me, and I'm too lazy to go through that many steps for every single photo... Truth hurts, I guess.

The big kids have started karate lessons. We are hoping that it will give them exercise, confidence, a knowledge of self- defense moves, and an improvement in FOCUS. Those of you who know our big kids know how big of a deal that would be. So far, they've had two private lessons and two large group lessons. They are loving it. It's fun to see them so excited about something.

My brother and his wife were supposed to spend the weekend with us, but good old Winter Storm Titan had to go and blow smoke so that now he has to work tomorrow. Stink, stank, stunk. We are all bumming that we don't get our time together. Would have been so fun to have them!

Must go collect our Girl Scout cookie order for the masses. Be well, everyone, and be careful shoveling!