Friday, November 07, 2014

Status Quo

As usual, I should be cleaning.

So I'm blogging, instead.

We had parent-teacher conferences this week for all three kiddos. Apparently we're raising decent, funny, bright individuals, because we heard mostly good things!  They're adjusting well post-move, making friends, fitting right into the swing of things, and academically doing well. Hooray! Thanks for all the prayers covering all those aspects. I was impressed by all the teachers, also. You could tell that Carrie's team enjoys working with each other AND with the kids. I think that's priceless- having people at work who you actually like being around.

It's gotten cold, but at least today the sun is out and it has stopped raining. I think it's rained the last three Tuesdays in a row, at least. The leaves, the millions of leaves, are lovely and have taken over the yard. Carrie and I attempted to rake them up and decided she'd be learning to drive by the time we finished. Might have something to do with the humungous oak trees out front who are thinking about dropping some leaves. And then some more. And then a few more.

Karate belt tests were yesterday and graduation is this Saturday. The kids are excited to show off their skills.  I'll try to get some pictures and get them up soon.

Tonight is home group, so I must go tidy up while Damon is still snoozing in the big chair. I promised brownies as well, so better get crackin'. Have a wonderful weekend!