Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why post in one day when it could take three and still not be right? =P *amended*

It's 65 degrees on Veteran's Day. I'll take it. Tomorrow it's supposed to drop to... *cringing while searching*... 38 and then 35 with snow on Thursday. Ooh, I said the s word! Eep! So not ready. SO NOT READY.

I know I said I'd post karate graduation pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet. So all y'all will have to wait. And yippie, PaPa just got here to visit!

I'd forgotten that when blogging I am perpetually behind. Here are the pictures from Halloween and Liam's birthday:



Or not. Picasa and Blogger are apparently not updating each other, again. I've been trying for three days.


It is frizzering out there... 31 the last time I was in my car. When I needed to get gas. Not when it was 65. Figures. Oh well. And guess who the Mom of the Year is... the one who forgot to send gloves with Damon to preschool. He informed me, "the guys were mopping the floor, so we went outside instead." Good thing his coat has pockets. Whaddaya do?

Tomorrow Liam has a field trip assembly honoring veterans. They're riding a bus to the high school, so that'll be a big deal, I'm sure. I think he's forgotten all about it, but he may just surprise me.

We had several snow flurries today, and the deck chairs still have a coat of snow on  the seats. The weather reminded me very much of Rafiki's comment in The Lion King where he lectures Simba, "the weather, pbbbbbbbbbt, very peculiar!" The only constant today was cold.

PaPa made it home safe after his short visit. He and Grandmama are going out to eat tonight for her birthday. Thanks for visiting, for working, for the early Christmas money, and happy birthday to Grandmama!

Stay toasty, everyone. I'll see what I can do about the photos. Gotta go let Triskal in. She's forgotten she wears two coats of fur and is looking forlornly through the deck fencing like she's a Newfcicle.