Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Things that make you go hmmm?

Today was another two hour delay day due to frigid temperatures and icy roads, especially north/south routes. It's sunny and windy and there's snow everywhere though most of the roads are clear.

Afternoon preschool still runs on delay days, so I dropped the Damonater off at school. On my way home, I see a guy, all bundled up, walking along the sidewalk. He's carrying a case of beer. It's 16 degrees. On a Tuesday afternoon.

I'm trying not to judge.

And failing.

I can see leaving the warmth of my house to A) drop off a school child who can't get there any other way, B) run to the store to get ice cream or toilet paper, C) make it to a doctor's appointment or a job interview, or even D) dash to a coffeeshop to have a hot drink with a friend while complaining about the bitter weather.

But to WALK to go get BEER on a Tuesday afternoon?!

Must have one heck of a party planned...


I called the doctor's office today to ask for a meds refill and to make an appointment for one of the kids and to see if there are still flu mists available. I was informed that during their lunch break they can only field emergency calls and that I'd have to call back.

Wait. This is a pediatrician's office. They won't do prescription refill requests or schedule office appointments until after 1:30? Whose idea is it to have the entire office staff take lunch together during flu season? What happens to the parents who aren't allowed to make personal calls on company time and only have their lunch break which may coincide with the office staff's lunch break TO call to set up an appointment? What the?

This is 2014, people. The end of 2014, even. How can there be these kinds of policies? I could Twitter and name names, but I think that lacks class. I wonder if that would get the policy changed. How could it benefit an office, any office, to have your patrons call BACK just because someone isn't authorized to do a simple request or because all the people who DO know what they're doing are on lunch break at the same time? Is it just me? Or does this seem unreasonable? Is there something I'm missing? I'm stymied.


And another thing. Since there's tagless technology these days, why does anyone stick tags in clothing anymore? For all the buzz about seamless panty lines and slimming this and shaping control that, why would you stick a flippy, itchy piece of material on your garments?

This personally doesn't bother me, but it drives one of my children absolutely up the wall. He won't even tolerate tags on the OUTSIDE of clothing, like the little tabs that are meant to make the piece of clothing even cuter.

They would have to cost extra money to add, so why are companies forking it out to add something most of us cut off or tear out or avoid by wearing an extra layer anyway? When are people going to get with the program?


"Is there anything as disgusting as frozen sweat?" ~Jon Snow, A Storm of Swords

Enough with the #winteriscoming already. It's not even Thanksgiving and records are being broken. Those in my camp, the Haters, can blame Liam for the snow. He confessed this morning to praying for it. Those of you in his camp, I believe it's called #FrozenAndLovingIt, can rejoice with him.

I don't know about you, but cold makes me downright hostile. There are two positives about snow, in my opinion, and that's it. It's quiet. And my snow pants are AmAzInG. That's it. I don't know how people live in Upper Michigan or Wisconsin or North Dakota... or anywhere north of Hawaii, now that I think about it. It's too bad my hate can't keep me warm... I also don't understand the thrill of skiing, as I've never been. To have to wear that many clothes to play outside seems ridiculous to me. I am much more a tank top and flip flops girl, myself. MUCH.

Anyway, must call the doctor's office back. Wish me luck!