Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mid-December morning light

A lot of you have probably figured out that if I were a Lord of the Rings character I'd be a hobbit. I have aspirations of achieving Wood Elf status, but really, I like food and being lazy more than I like archery and foraging. 

It follows that morning light on trees happens to be one of my very favorite things in nature. I don't necessarily enjoy being up to see said morning light, but since we have school age children, it is what it is. And, since we live in Ohio, we don't have the plentiful sunshine found in other, more fortunate, parts of the world. So I get to see my fair share of sunrises, especially in the winter. Oh goody.

Since I can't seem to help myself, here you go. ( I can claim that the photos are for far-flung family who don't have these particular trees and miss them, but we all know I have an addiction to trees.)

As always, you can click on the picture to see it larger and in more detail. Or you can move on if you are so over trees. I understand not everyone has the same obsessions. It's okay.

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