Monday, December 14, 2015

Mid-December mornings

Dada called just before I headed out the door with the boys to say that he'd seen a huge, full rainbow on his way to work. We missed it, sadly, but we watched the clouds and enjoyed the pastels of the sunrise:

The reason you guys never see pictures of Carrie getting on the bus is that her bus comes an hour before, and there is no light to speak of. Often she'll step out of the garage door, inhale sharply and observe, "gark!"

That's not a typo. At Hinrew and Muggin's wedding (when I was pregnant with Liam) PaPa was chasing Carrie around the church hallways to keep her entertained. She was shoeless and short. He'd wait for her to get pretty far ahead of him, and he'd turn off the lights for that particular section of hall. She'd freeze in her tracks, point to the ceiling, and gasp, "gark!" That was one of the first words this family coined, soon to be followed by "hat on", "up hiiiiiigh", "flowerful", and so forth.

It's gark, all right. But next week is the official start of winter and the days will start getting longer again!