Monday, December 14, 2015

Wait, it IS December, right?

These were all taken last week because I couldn't believe the temperature outside. I figured I better get some pictures while I could still feel my fingers, since it was the second week of December:

Sure doesn't LOOK like December in Ohio, but I'll take it any day of the week. Virgil Eugene is outfitted for the season, once again, though Cheeky Beaky isn't wrapped in a scarf yet. 

We're taking bets on when Virgil Eugene will lose his hat this year. Last year he started off with a red and black one which mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again. I put this blue one on him because it was so miserable out for forever, and it, too, vanished.

Fast forward to early fall in the backyard. I notice a swatch of blue against dead pine needles. I investigate and lo and behold, it's one of Carrie's hats! I think to myself, "that GIRL! She never cleans up after herself. How long has this even been out here!?"

Then I notice that it's folded and relatively clean. As I show it to Dada, I realize that it had been on Virgil Eugene all those many months of misery ago. We're betting a squirrel stole it and used it all winter to pad a nest and then pitched it back out when it wasn't needed anymore. 

I washed it and popped it back on Virgil Eugene. I've had to tug it back down more firmly once so far, but maybe it was just him loosening it because he was getting warm in this unseasonable weather. Heehee.

And then these were of the sunset last Thursday, I believe. As is typical, the camera didn't do it justice: