Thursday, May 12, 2016

And then she got old

Because (ha! I just started a sentence with because!) May is traditionally a hectic, crazy month, Miss Care Bear had to have her karate birthday party at the end of April. I promise you that she didn't mind. 

They start off with introductions and a mini karate lesson, which the birthday child gets to help teach.

And they play some games, like Swords and Shields, which is pretty much exactly like you'd think it would work:

And there's food, including the double layer cake that attempted to slide apart from itself on the drive to the party:

Cake is traditionally cut by a sword at karate parties. Carrie had special permission to use her own sword, one bought several years ago by her friend Isaac, to cut her cake. Even though Isaac couldn't make it to her party, he was there in spirit. Even better, he's moving back here mid-summer!

Then it was time for presents and silly friends and fun.

Her friends all seemed to have a great time, and our sweet Care Bear is now officially a teenager.

Happy 13th, and many moooooore. We love you. 

Run for your lives.