Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer in the city. Just kidding.

Spring finally got around to the whole let's-settle-down-to-business thing. The trees have budded up, the flowers are showing up, and the weeds have decided it's high time to take over the world. Here's some greenery (and other colors thrown in for good measure) to kick start your Monday:

Cute tiny spider above and cute tiny butterfly below.

There's one of Carrie's froggie friends on top of the pond "fountain", which clearly needs de-gunked, again.

Missed the irises at their peak, but the colors are still lovely even if the blossoms are dilapidated. And check out those vigorous fingery weedy things. They have little suckers on them and hold on tight when you're yanking them out. Then they hold on tight to YOU.

Lots of these guys are garden-bound. We went to a FFA sale to get a jump start on our veggies this year since our grow lights and seeds didn't happen. We bought some tomatoes, an eggplant, a brussels sprouts, assorted herbs, and then the boys and I went a little crazy on the flower side of things since we can't resist color. Betcha can't guess who picked out the cheerful yellow citrine flowers.

Muggin, these are those vibrant lilies you were so impressed by last year. The hummingbird really liked them, too. They're not ready yet, so I guess this post is to be continued!