Thursday, May 12, 2016

I'm such a dork (AKA #procrastinatesoyoucandoittwice)

Let's see how many of our viewers are paying attention.

Dada and I took the boys to Port Discovery during that Baltimore weekend because we figured they'd need some time to actually play. This is a kind of play museum, similar to Imagination Station if you're familiar. Everything is displayed with the intent of teaching something. 

There was a water exhibit that smelled like a room full of wet skin after you tear off a Bandaid, a percussion exhibit that the players of STOMP would feel right at home in, a who-dun-it mystery room, exhibits for little kids like a grocery store section with plastic food and scaled down shelves and carts and conveyor belt checkouts, and a humungous climbing monstrosity/activity/exhibit right in middle of the building that accessed all three stories. 

Liam got his wristband on and took off. Damon was much more reserved at first, though he's been to Imagination Station and loved it. I was honestly surprised. I think he may have just been overloaded by how much we fit into the day, though this activity took place before his second/third/twelfth wind as he gleefully scaled Federal Hill. 

Anyway, he really loved this. The exhibit displayed... I don't even remember exactly now that I think about it. But you shoved light plastic balls into holes in front of you and they were blown through these clear tubes and pop out of the tops way over your head. What's not to love, right!? I think the point had something to do with migration or how food is processed and packaged in a vastly different place than where it is consumed or something like that. He was in heaven.

He would have stayed there all afternoon, shoving balls down the holes and trying to catch them as they shot out of the tops of the tubes. 

Then we found these brain games that reminded me of the old game "Perfection" where you lower the rack and have to fit all the pieces into their matching holes before the timer runs out, buzzing, and your rack pops back up, sending your light, plastic game pieces scattering hither and yon and scaring the crap out of you in the process. 

This one, mercifully, was much quieter and was a race between you and your opponent on the other side to see who could fit more matching pieces together before the timer ran out. 

One of Liam's favorites was another cage with hand and footholds spread across the wall so that you could pound each button that lit up before it's light went off again. It was another exhibit we had to practically drag them out of.

Exercise was encouraged, problem solving was the way to go to proceed in some of the exhibits, teamwork, etc. 

There was also room for random goofiness.

When we were done, we checked out the fountain that we didn't explore on our way in:

And, of course, had ice cream.