Monday, August 29, 2016


Oops, this was supposed to go in the post farther down. Oh well, think of it as foreknowledge instead of a PS. 

Those of you who keep a weather eye on the horizon will have been aware that lots of us in Ohio and Michigan and Indiana have been spending extra time lately in our basements or bathrooms. We've had several tornado watches and a few warnings and some crazy storms after a summer of very little rain.

The grass went from sharp and stabby to lush and darn-we-gotta-mow-again (we haven't mowed since the weekend before the Christmas in July party- can't complain!) and so have the weeds! The garden isn't really complaining, either, including Damon's Revived Green Bean:

We have a tomato thicket:

And zinnias, determinedly holding on:

Lo and behold, we got a pepper:

And the eggplants are merrily producing:

And because I can't resist, here are some sky pictures after one of our storm cells:

Come on over and play in our basement with us! The kids even got to spend an entire night down there because the warning kept extending later and later in the night. Liam was kinda freaked out, Damon rolled with it the way he mostly rolls with everything, and Carrie was downright cheerful until we told her she'd be sleeping with her brothers.