Monday, August 29, 2016

Kid's gotta camp

So then there's this guy, off to 5th grade camp:

They were supposed to limit themselves to one bag of bedding (his has his huge, honkin' rainboots and old shoes in as well) and one bag of old clothes. I told him everything should come home dirty and he looked at me like I had four heads. 

"Liam. You'll be there until Friday. Every pair of skivvies should get worn. Every shirt should get worn. You have rain gear in there if you need it and socks for every day. Things had better get worn!"

Carrie tried to bet me $1 that he wouldn't brush his teeth all week. I informed her that, "just because YOU went a whole week without brushing doesn't mean HE will. Plus, he has his fun flossing thing that he's excited about, so he'll probably brush. "
"I know. That's why I only bet $1. I'm strategic."

*Shudder* Anyway.

They wanted all 5th graders to be dropped off and organized in the high school parking lot and the buses and cargo truck of their Stuff left from there. We've gotten the text saying they've arrived safely at camp and we can't wait to hear the stories of all the fun outdoor activities they'll be doing. 

It took five buses and a Penske truck to get them outta there. Pray for cooperative weather and passion for learning!


JC said...


I'm dying over here!

And avoiding my own kids. Can I hear more about yours? :)