Tuesday, August 16, 2016

First day of school 2016-2017

                                    Ready or not...

Here they go!

I feel like summer whizzed by and forgot be three months long. I also feel like summer is when you try to squash 12 months worth of fun into three months. 

In other words, I'm bummin'. I can't believe they'll have been in school three solid weeks before Labor Day. 

Hellooooooooooooooo? Who's in charge here? There are SUMMER OLYMPICS happening, people. SUMMER. Not back-to-school Olympics. Good luck with the tired teachers, tired staff, and tired kids who've been up late watching history being made. The tired parents are sending them off, guzzling more coffee, trying to sneak in naps around the piles of paperwork that are accumulating (yes, already!) on every flat surface and making dinner plans with sleep-deprived brains. Nobody should be in school while the Olympics are on, ever.

But as I am not in charge of the world, off they went and came home contentedly enough. Nice teachers, lots of sitting, locker combinations ironed out, new supplies, old friends. 

Carrie got to comfort a distraught-to-the-point-of-tears sixth grader who feared missing the bus home. Seems she starts every year with a good deed. Way to go, kid. 

Today is officially Day 2. Carrie forgot to set her alarm and Damon was lamenting his lack of sleep and Liam has already begun scattering belongings from Hither to Yon.

Ahhh, back to school.

The fog itself wasn't bad, but the camera fogged up as soon as I took the cap off. 

Weighed down, as usual. At least they won't blow away.