Monday, May 01, 2017

Art show 2017

Last month the boys had their ice cream social/ spring concert/ ice cream social. The school looked fabulous with everyone's art covering just about every available surface:

I took way more pictures than necessary, but everything was fascinating and I'm so impressed at what kids care capable of. Kudos to their art teacher for presenting artists to learn from and emulate:

I forgot to check if these were inspired by a particular artist or not, but I guess you can ask the boys if you're interested:

I took photos of lessons my kids didn't even do:

The first graders had compared and contrasted the life of Abraham Lincoln with their own. Here are their top hat projects:

It still strikes me as odd that the kids are not required to participate in the concert aspect. We had one kid who was super excited to play Star Wars music on the xylophones with his class and one kid who wanted to watch his classmates do their dance but not join in.

Liam is in the striped brown shirt in the middle of the picture. Sadly, he was squatting down low in the other shots so this is the best one. The gym was completely packed and folks were standing out in the hallways trying to hear.

I am glad we went to Liam's last elementary spring shindig. It will be strange next year to only go for one child!