Friday, May 26, 2017

May madness

I know I'm not alone in being a victim of May madness with the permission slips, field trips, spring concerts, school projects, spring sports, etc, and can only imagine the eventual banquets, proms, graduations that are impending in the next few years. Yoi. 

That said, I do have photos of our big kids becoming black belts and Thing3 becoming a red belt in karate, but I don't have the time right this second for that write up. I'm behind once again. We are supposed to meet Dada for lunch in an hour and Carrie isn't even out of bed yet (today is day 3 of summer vacation, 'nuff said). It may be awhile before we find our rhythm. Damon's been up for long that he's already conked back out in the big chair. And snoring. 

Welcome to summer chaos. 

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with our beloved Richards crew who are back from a two week trip to Hawaii. We hadn't had a play date in a really long time, so we stayed awhile and then had karate and then I dropped the boys off in the evening for Dada to feed them while Carrie got her hair cut and we returned the movie we'd rented (get A Dog's Purpose if you missed it in theaters- it's adorable!) and got back just in time for Dada to head back out to krav. Whew. Whoever said summer is a break from busy obviously had no children. Or a life.

Ack, so gotta wake two of three Thingz to get ready for lunch and hopefully time to run around in the park before returning to laundry and other less fun things, haha. Have a good day!