Friday, May 26, 2017

Last day of school, last day of school, oh boy oh boy, last day of school

I want to apologize right here and now for the chaotic blogging and lack thereof. New laptop + different photo processing tools + me = frustration + procrastination. It'd be different if I could upload the info straight to my brain like in the Matrix movies; instead it is a lesson in aggravation every time as I'm using limited storage and often have to stop the whole blogging process to open other programs to delete other space-hogging items. I'm thinking about scrapping the whole thing and starting over, but in the meantime you'll just have to either be patient with me or suffer alongside. Cheers!

So, this is the lovely porch swing which some of you have shared a bedroom with these past 10 months with as it resided on the floor of our guest room. Pap made it for us and brought it out before the Christmas in July party. Sweet Dada put it up for Mother's Day. The reason it took so ridiculously long is there are no studs in the actual front porch roof so he had to figure out how to install it and make the time to actually do it when there are so many other homeowner issues and karate and krav and school and Stuff which really are more important. But, thanks to Pap for making it and to Dada for the install, it's up it's up it's up! Come sit a spell!

Last day of middle school for this Thing:

Last day of elementary school for Thing2 and last day of first grade for Thing3:

Cheers to summer vacation!