Monday, December 02, 2013

"A big pot of crazy"

I'm cheating and borrowing a phrase from Aunt Chris, though it does suit our side of the family fairly well. You'll see from the photos that there were seven children between the ages of 10.5 and 15 months together for Thanksgiving. Three of those kids are three years old. The youngest is "baby Noah" who is absolutely adored by all. Here he is, proclaiming "to da fingy and 'yond!" (Okay, he's not really. That's what DAMON says.) And his lovely mom, Aunt Jana, of course.


Liam found cousin Zach's train set the last day we were at their house, and spent the morning setting it up. He worked really hard and when Noah headed right for it, I honestly braced myself for a meltdown from Liam. I was pleasantly surprised when he let Noah climb right through it, and then he started including Noah in playing with the trains. Liam has always loved babies, and he certainly has a humungous soft spot for this particular cutie!

Here's Zach in a rare moment of downtime, and Damon being his usual body-of-motion.

The adults had every bit as much fun as the kids in spite of a box of beads exploding all over a bedroom (which may or may not have had anything to do with a certain pair of three year olds) and cooking up way too much food. The guys had a chance to get away and do boy things for awhile one morning, and we girls stole away in the afternoon for some coffee and talking time. The grandparents had fun observing all the chaos from 7 kids, and we all counted our blessings. Thank you so much for hosting, Uncle Kelly and Aunt Becky. It was perfect!
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