Saturday, December 21, 2013

Strings on Fire concert 2013

Look at these cuties. I mean, this is Carrie and her buddy Mason. Though he goes to a different elementary school these days, they've been friends since kindergarten. She just lights up when she sees him and she was thrilled to find out that Mason also started playing the viola this year.

Thursday night was the strings concert. Every fifth grader, all 179 of them, from the 4 elementary schools, joined together on the high school's stage to play what they've learned so far this fall. There were freshly minted bass, cello, viola, and violin players from stage left to stage right and from the curtain to practically the edge of the stage. And boy, can they ever YELL!

Since there had been no dress rehearsal, it was one of those "grab your music and instrument and we'll seat you" kind of deals. We had no idea where Carrie was onstage. Dada took as many pictures of as many of her friends whom he could spot in hopes that we'd find her when we scanned through the pictures. No such luck! She assures us that she was indeed onstage, but we got her in exactly zero photos!

Anyway, though they only did plucking for this concert, we were nevertheless impressed. I have it on good authority that they improve dramatically from here.

In fact, once the 5th grade finished, they found their reserved seats in the upper deck of the auditorium so that they could watch how persistence pays off: the high school students came out to perform. This was only one of FIVE (FIVE!!!!) orchestras sponsored by the high school and they were amazing.

Their last song was one made famous by the Trans Siberian Orchestra, so they also included a light display. Naturally, even the squirreliest concert-goer was then glued to their seat in awe. Well played.

To top off the night, the strings kids then got an ice cream social as the auditorium emptied out. It was a super fun night! Everyone's hard work was evident and we are proud of Care Bear for practicing and participating.
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