Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter concert 2013

Here's the big kids' darling prinicipal, introducing the class of 2021 yet again. They'll always have a special spot in his heart because they were kindergarteners his first year as a principal. I think he's especially fond of this class.

The fifth grade did a show called North Pole Exposure and it was a good 40 minutes long. Santa and Mrs. Claus were featured, both of whom were played by good friends of Carrie's. It's been fun seeing all these kids grow so much over the years. Carrie was a snowman and sang "I Wanna Go to Hawaii" with 4 other friends. Me too, Carrie, me too.

Carrie's preschool teacher, Miss Linda, couldn't make it this year, but we met up with our close friend Miss Theresa for the concert. She was expecting about 2 songs and was blown away by the amount of time and talent they displayed. She raved afterward about how impressed she was, and we're all, "yeah, we know." Haha! I guess it's easy to take talent for granted, especially when your own fifth grader is underfoot and constantly practicing her multitudes of carols nonstop. Anyone who knows Carrie knows she has a lovely singing voice and that she's rarely quiet. It was a great concert and the hard work was apparent. Lots of kids had speaking parts, which is a nice change from some schools that only showcase the same half a dozen kids. We love going to the concerts at our school!
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