Saturday, December 21, 2013


I'm pretty sure the week before Christmas break is a total wash at school, what with the parties and read-ins and sugar highs. There was a poster contest in which Carrie participated. This is unfinished, but it gives you an idea of what she's reading. She's become a Rick Riordan fan. He wrote all the Percy Jackson stuff, for those of you who've seen clips for The Lightning Thief. The contest rules were to create a movie poster of a children's book which has NOT (yet) been made into a movie.

I remarked in a previous text about the dumping of snow we've had. The boys try to get out there in it at every opportunity. Thank goodness the snow pants from last year are getting used and we didn't need to buy new ones.

Apparently all I need to do to get RID of the snow is blog about it. Who knew? I griped on here about being tired of it already; the temp hit 40+ degrees and it started raining. So other than our icebergs of stubborn slush from the plows and shovels, it's snow-free out there! Did I mention we're to get 1-2 inches of rain tonight? Did I mention how glad I am that it's not converting to snow? Eeeeeeeeeeeeep. It reminds me of times during my childhood when we'd needed rain. Daddee would hand Lisa and myself the sidewalk chalk and say, "girls, go to it."  We'd cover the sidewalk from end to end in hopscotch, block letters, flowers, and silly doodles, then within three days it would rain. Guaranteed. Perhaps if I complain online about snow, it'll be gone within three days. I must remember this theory. 

Damon doing his impression of "I can't put my arms down!"

Actually, he got snow in his eyes.
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