Thursday, October 20, 2016


So there's that terrible moment when you're driving out of the driveway and hear an odd tinkling sound that you just can't place and only when you return to said driveway to come home and are waiting for a truck to get out of the way so you can turn in and you look down in the street at an unidentifiable something-or-other that is smashed and it hits:

Oh. That would be the carcass of my Penn State coffee mug that I set on the back bumper of the car when I picked up the umbrella to take the boys out to the bus stop this morning. When I came back in, I shook out the umbrella and propped it open to dry before I headed out the back door to let the dog out, or in, or whatever, before I finished getting ready to leave for volunteering at the school. Bummer. 

So much for #AhhhCoffee. Straight to #BadScienceSound, followed by #theSoundOfUltimateSuffering as my heart breaks a little bit because me and that mug have done a lot of #AhhhCoffee together over the years. Cue "guess this is goodbye, old pal; you've been a perfect friend" as sung in "Into the Woods".

Long story short, now you know what I'd love to get for Christmas. Currently taking applications for a nice, deep, sturdy, tough, dependable Penn State mug.