Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Extra boys in the house

Uncle Kelly and Zach and Pap were all here over the weekend. There is just never enough time to hang out with the people you love. And using any of that precious time to take pictures is not acceptable:

Trying to get two six-year-old boys to stand back to back for a picture of who's taller is quite a feat as well:

However, there was plenty of fun involved as all the menfolk took off for some Saturday Shenanigans while Mama held down the fort with the kids:

Poor Zach trundled along to karate and sparring with us and was either mildly entertained by watching the classes or a good enough sport to not complain about sitting there. 

Once we were home, as it was 74 degrees on an October day, you can surely estimate the number of minutes it took them to end up in the pond, fully clothed, playing with the water pumps. 

This is a shot of them having their lunch on the porch while they're drying off enough to be let back into the house. 

They were the epitome of a Family Circus comic strip featuring Billy's footprints all over the house and grounds. They only reason they weren't in any trees is because all our branches are too high to get up in any. They did play on the rope swing, so close enough. 

The menfolk brought back pizza and then Uncle Kel and Zach had to hit the road home. Pap stuck around another night and then took off Sunday morning. 

I asked Zach why Aunt Becky and Lizzie were headed to St. Louis for the weekend and he informed me they were headed to a funeral. Then he thought about it some more and decided, "no, a wedding. Hmm. A wedding or a funeral." I got confirmation from Uncle Kelly that it was indeed a wedding. 

At any rate, everyone had a good time and Mama needs more Kahlua...