Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Sky's the Limit/ Mystery Adventure #2

Liam requested a trip to SkyZone for his birthday, which none of us had never been to before. He also had other ideas, and we had ideas, so there was a lot of chatter and possibilities and nothing was set in stone for his birthday weekend.

So why not turn it into a second Mystery Adventure? 

"Everybody get in the car and have on jump-around clothes."


Then we drove to Wendy's to throw them off the scent of possibilities. Dada drove as we all stuffed ourselves real quick and then when we pulled into the driveway and he read the sign, Liam's intake of breath was probably heard around the world. There he is, below, dashing to be the first one in the door.

And if Liam didn't have enough enthusiasm for a small nation, this kid was positively ready to combust. Part of it may have been that he expected a trip to Fallen Timbers to play with the giant chess set, and this did not match up to that destination, haha!

Here they are, all stickered up and listening to the Rules.

"And there they gooooooo" in my best Spike Jones imitation. They all headed into different directions to check out as much as they could. Carrie beelined for the biggest set of trampolines and started bouncing. Damon followed her and watched for a few moments before being lured into the Foam Pit with Liam.

See them racing up the ramp to dive in?

Carrie joined in and gave them some ideas...

Dada and I watched from the Comfort Zone, which was like a crow's nest where we could keep an eye on everybody zooming from one activity to another.

We paid for an hour, and Carrie checked in every 15 minutes to collapse in exhaustion for a few minutes before heading back out. How that kid can even walk today is beyond me.

There was an amazing amount of spin, flip, twist, and repeat going on. Sometimes the boys had to roll back onto the ramps of the foam pit because they couldn't summon enough energy to climb out!

Perfect pictures of a #hotmess, wouldn't you say?

The black lights came on and it was time to go. It was a super introduction to a fun venue for us, and we've promised we'll go back again for the glow time at some point. 

In the meantime, Dada and I intend to pull out our jump ropes and practice before exposing ourselves to that kind of activity and energy requirement, haha! 

Happy almost 11th birthday, Thing Two! So glad you enjoyed your birthday surprise, Liam. It was a great idea! 


Anonymous said...

My 12 year old Josh got a big kick out of the two close up head shots of the oldest boys. We grabbed the hi res shots and opened them life size on the monitor. Josh looked at each boy and giggled said,"these are like good pictures and the boys are fun to look at when they are life size!"