Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First day of school #8, I think

Okay, we've been here before. I believe this was Carrie's 8th first day of school, and every one of them has run something like this:

"Finding Nemo" clip

She gets so excited that she has a hard time sleeping. Her stomach fills with butterflies and her heart longs to be out of the house and back with her friends. So this is one happy chick:

First day of seventh grade already. Wow. We've had her forever.
Yes, she made the decorations on her shirt herself.

This is what "grin and bear it" looks like from Carrie, what "suck it in" looks like from Damon, and what pure excitement looks like from Liam. This is the first year he's ever been excited about going to school. I blame believe it had something to do with the excellent and fast open house we experienced the night before school began.

Grandmama was here to kick off the school year!

Look at these cute boys! Liam is brimming over. And then there's Bebeeeee... robe and all. He didn't start on Tuesday. His first day is Wednesday, but his open house was Tuesday. Kindergarten tends to be chaotic.

Here it comes! The bus, not the beans.

And there he goes. Big kids off to a great start!
"Bring me another mai tai!"
Just kidding...