Saturday, August 08, 2015

Wood County Fair 2015 roundup

*We interrupt the beach vacation broadcast to bring you a blog post about life that is happening between blog posts. *gasp!* The horror! Carry on.* 

"Thaaaaat doesn't belong with the fair. What is he doing!?"

That would be Miss Carrie, commentating on the cicada picture below. True, he doesn't belong with the fair photos, but he was taken today as well. I went to hang out laundry and there he was, almost ready in his shiny new skin!

Yes, those are our children on the sheriff golf cart. Half of you will be relieved to know that they had permission first. The other half of you will wonder, "well, where's the fun in THAT!?"

One can find all kinds of things at the fair. Like friendly goats and carven giraffes,

and Marine Corps "big things" with wheels the size of the kids, and alpacas with attitude!

And reeeeeally hot chicken noodle soup, and handsome Liams. Hey, waitaminute, the fair doesn't get to keep him!

Cotton candy was devoured, whether or not children with braces are allowed to have sugar. Eh, it's the fair.
Skee ball! Liam would have played all. Night. Week. Long. Damon might have gotten one in if he played all week.

This climb-the-ladder game let Carrie get halfway and then politely dumped her off, much to our delight.
Damon was infatuated with the carousel, despite the petrified look on his face in many of the pictures. I told him to stop making the same face his horse was making:

I had to untwist myself clockwise several times when I climbed off.
The boys went from "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" about five times. Every ride or game they finished was elating. Every ride or game they didn't get to do was devastating.
It's hard to be patient when you're five.

And when you're nine and a half.

But then, you get to bounce on a trampoline and end up in the clouds. Way better than the bouncy house you didn't get to go in last night...

And you can ride a firetruck in the sky!

And make cheesy smiles in line for a bumpy ride which whips around in circles really fast AND then goes backwards really fast over bumps! Wahoooooo!

You can be the shortest person in line for the tallest slide!

And then you'll have to sit and wait patiently again while your  sister decides to do the bouncy harness thing which your parents will tell you that you're too short for... 

...and that we'll come back next year even though you want to come back tomorrow. No, you never, ever want to leave and you never, ever, ever, ever want to sleep. And you do absolutely not want a bath even though you're covered in sunscreen, bug spray, dirt, grilled cheese, ketchup, chocolate milk, and perhaps chocolate milkshake. And maybe even elephant ear dust. And most likely sawdust.
Sweet dreams, fairgoers. Sleep tight.