Friday, August 14, 2015

O, Canada! Again.

So, whaddaya do with only a few days left before school begins?

Beat children?

Oh darn. That was my out loud voice again. Drat. Just kidding! You take them to Canada.  Mainly because they're friendly there, and they'll be good influences on you and your children will make it to the next school year in one piece.


Anyway, what do you do in Canada? You eat! Who spends 60 dollars (Canadian, of course) in a single bakery? That'd be us!

As you can see, Carrie is having a little trouble with her thinly sliced, powdered sugared whatever-it-is:

The boys had no trouble devouring pizza, however. And there was a pool in the hotel where we stayed overnight, so that kept us busy until our extended check out expired and Dada came back from his plant visit to rescue us. Good thing, too, as he'd also taken the car keys with him.

The kids are always up for pool and pull out bed and sleeping on the floor and eating out. It was a quick trip, but we had a fun time.
And my favorite sign, followed by my train of thought, ran thus:
"Hands-free devices only."
Hmm, must throttle kids remotely. Voice-activated, perhaps.
We could be onto something here!