Friday, August 07, 2015

Wet your whistle

Hello, Atlantic Ocean. It's been awhile. We missed you! Thanks for providing so much wet, sandy fun, new friends, and plenty of summertime photo ops!

How I wish I was there right now as the dishwasher is chugging away and the boys are bickering in the basement. *sigh*
Anyway, here are Care Bear and her Hinrew doin' their thing:

She eventually abandoned him and was doing her own thing, which is jumping waves. We liked this one because it looks like she's kneeling on a wave. To a kid who is obsessed with all things Percy Jackson and Poseidon, that's pretty cool.

There were tons of adorable crabs popping in and out of the sand. I had a great time just sitting in the sun and admiring the puffs of sand and how they scuttle. Dada got pretty crispy early on in the trip, unfortunately, so he tried to stay out of the rays as much as he could. He did have a good time in the water later on in the week, and I'll get to those pictures later.

These are especially for Aunt Sherri, who requested them specially. Which do you like better- fronts or backs?
And then, where else would Liam be but in a sandy hole? He found them or made them on every single beach we visited. Carrie dug a lot, and he snuck in, just like a crab!


sherri said...

I like both views!!!! Thanks for the pictures! They look great!

Val said...

You're so welcome! Thanks for the idea. =) xoxo