Monday, August 17, 2015

Twas the Night Before School Starts

Twas the night before school starts
and all through the house
just one creature was sleeping
and twas not a mouse.

No stockings made up
the school clothes laid out.
Twas to be shorts and Tshirts
for sun, super hot.

A little rain, too,
was suppos'd to fall,
that dampened not their excitement,
no, not quite at all.

Supplies'd been delivered
to classrooms already,
some teachers'd been met
with excitement so heady.

All that remained was to sleep!
But how could one do it
while bursting one's seams
with energy? How to it?!

While Damonater slept sound
with big feet sticking out,
brother Liam rocked forward,
and aft, all about.

Sister Carrie read books,
her stomach aflutter
with eagerness and impatience
to leave brothers asunder.

With AC not working,
(had not been for days)
Grandmama chilled in the basement
to escape the hot haze.

Mama did last minute Stuff
that oft' has to be done
to have kids ready for the bus
so they'd not have to run.

The weeks would spell freedom
to a Mama who'd had
years full of kids in her home.
She was glad, she was sad.

The "baby" would be off
at Big Kid School all day;
she wondered how she'd feel
to soon send him away.

Time's going so fast
and there's so much to do,
but Tomorrow is coming
and bringing much new!

So cherish the little ones
while they're around;
they make messes and chaos,
full of dirt, bugs, and sound.

But they're also so funny
and silly and sweet.
It won't be long now
'fore they grow into their feet!

Happy last night of summer
(vacation, that is);
may the 2015 school year
be the best that there is!


Sherri said...

What a great poem!!!! Loved this!!