Thursday, April 14, 2016

Easter on rewind

I was kidding with my sweet friend Janet yesterday about perpetually being behind on the blog and she answered, "I didn't even know you had a blog!" I mentioned I hadn't done the Easter post and she kidded me about how many weeks ago that was.

*sigh* I suppose I better do it. Since I am headed out of town for the weekend, naturally now would be the best time to procrastinate on packing and blog instead! *beam*

So here goes. Easter 2016. Grandmama and Pap were both here a few days before and overlapped with Hinrew and Muggin who stayed after. It was super to have family all over the place.

Before we headed out to church, the boys did their annual "find your clues to find your treats" escapade. I did five clues in groups of three pictures each for Damon, like an episode of Blue's Clues.

Pap took care of creating Liam's clues this year and sent him on a merry chase all over the place.

Carrie wanted really hard clues this year, and for some reason we got zero pictures of her during her hunt. I blame Deloris. Sorry, Carrie. We also teased her about ageing out since she's almost a teenager. She stuck her bottom lip out as us and knows as well as we do that Dada will still be sweating over her clues next Easter.

Here are obligatory pre-church Easter photos:

Damon changed his tie out for one that matched his Pap's. With a plaid shirt. With the same plaid shirt as his brother. With the same plaid shirt they are wearing in their Christmas service pictures. 


And Carrie was convinced (grudgingly) to remove her tie so that her sparkly shirt would show.

After a memorable Easter service, we came home and took more pictures before changing into our normal-looking selves.

Further proof that some of us are more normal-looking than others...

Girl shoes, vastly different. And yes, those are the very same shoes that I got married in. I think I've had them since Cammie and Jody's wedding which was in... 1997? I think?

We clean up okay, my man and I.

My man and his Dad. 

Have a great weekend!