Saturday, April 09, 2016

Looks like Elsa showed UP

It's the second weekend after Easter, and someone's Facebook wall reports the nearby airport received 7.8 inches of snow last evening/ this morning. I'm not sure what we got as ours drifts so much and our ground was already saturated with rain, but there's more than there needs to be out there, that's for sure. 

So what do I do first thing on a snowy Saturday morning when we don't need to be anywhere? Grab the camera and size up the nemesis:

Plenty of ice on the driveway.

Plenty of snow everywhere else!

It was also, surprise, colder than I anticipated it being. The first trip out was predawn light. After I warmed up by the fire, I looked outside again and said, "dang it, look at that sunshine! I should be out there NOW!"

Dada said, "so go!"


Since we like to try to get veggies going from seeds, they need 8-12 weeks of a head start before they get put into the garden. That would put us right at Memorial Day weekend, which is the official frost-free date where we live. That means this weekend we have to get cracking and buy the seeds, make space for the grow lights, and get our buns in gear:

So I thought I'd check out the garden site that will be receiving seeds in 8 short weeks:


It's deep, and wet, out there! Check out that moat around the garden. =/  That is not part of the plan!

And then here's the same creek Carrie and Muggin played in. Looks slightly different now with Seussian bushes...

The upside down boots on sticks above are Carrie's from her spelunking excursion with Muggin. They're supposed to be drying out, but the dimwit left them outside so now they're probably frozen to the sticks. And the house.

Anywho, here's the rest of the sunny snow. And may it be the last of it until 2017 or something!