Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Miscellaneous March

I'm not quite sure how I'm always behind, but it is what it is. I realized close to the end of the month of March that I'd forgotten to take mid-month morning pictures, so I think these ones were from the third week or so...

March, in Ohio, is very fickle. It's chilly (if not downright cold) in the mornings and then often pleasant and sunny in afternoon. The kids figure this out quickly and begin to boycott coats, nevermind that they'll freeze their neverminds off in the morning. Truly, it was too cold to be in sandals this particular morning, but I wanted to enjoy my lavendar and violet pedicure that I did in honor of Grandma Barb, whose favorite color was purple.

Since the Cheeseballs are always begging me to, "take a picture of meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" I did. I love their bright eyes in the softness of the morning light.

And then there was spring break. Carrie discovered a crustacean (boy, is that ever a weird word to spell) next door and claimed the neighbor didn't want it/him/her in the pond. So she claimed him/her/it. 

Carrie, go put him in our pond.

No! He'll eat all the tadpoles!

Carrie, then go put him in the creek out back.

No! He'll eat the snails!

Carrie! He has to eat, too!

I'll put him in the hole...


Later on, when Hinrew and Muggin were here, Carrie excavated several more of the critters as well as some snails. Muggin has those pictures up on Facebook.

It was too cold when Sherri was here to play in the creek, but she's promised a raincheck on that activity as it's one of her favorites also! 

I am happy to report that no critters are still stuck in bins or buckets or nets. At least, as far as I can tell. Carrie could have an entire pet shop set up in the shed as I haven't been in there for a month... hmmm...

She also bakes and decorates sugar cookies. 

And he eats them.