Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Shoeless Damon Sebastian

This is the child,
the adorable child,
who makes me laugh every day.

This is the child,
determined child,
who does things his very own way.

This is the child,
the demented child,
who gets in the car without shoes.

This is the child, 
infuriating child,
who forgets to deliver the news.

This is the child,
who makes shopkeepers laugh in delight

Cuz it wasn't their kid
needin' a new pair of skids.
We found five dollar ones- outta sight!

This is the child,
sometimes wild-sometimes nice,
whose Mama is learning to double check twice.

This is the child,
with sweet, precious face,
who reminds his Mama to do life with grace.


For those of you not into poetry, the above story is true. It happened last night, in fact. Everyone was scurrying around, trying to get ready for back to back karate classes. The big kids go first and then Damon's class is second. He had his water bottle in one hand and his belt in the other and I told him to get his clogs on and get in the car. 

Apparently he only heard, "get in the car."

We're halfway to karate, which means we are physically out of town, before he realizes and mentions that he is shoeless, but does in fact have his socks on.

There really is no convenient place to pull over to bury a body, so I kept driving and dumped the big kids out of the car for their class, parked, piggybacked him into the nearest secondhand store, and presto. Third try's a charm, so he ended up with new shoes because 1) they fit and 2) they were only $5 and 3) he'd outgrown his old ones anyway. 

Naturally he thinks he got them because 1) they're Spiderman and 2) they light up and 3) they're velcro instead of laces.

I call it a win.

And once we were all back home, a pair of flip flops went into the pocket of the car door beside his car seat.

I call that a win- win!