Thursday, April 21, 2016

Flatlanders, meet Federal Hill.

Yes. Yes, that is the epitome of motherhood, right there. This is how I feel I spend most of my time as a mom: blathering on with nobody really listening. 

It's just funny to me that somebody actually got a picture of it happening. Again.

Anyway, what you see in the background is the Museum of Art, which is free but we didn't get to visit it because we just didn't have enough time with only two and a half days to spend in Baltimore. 

So we have to go back.

This is the hill, Federal Hill, that the boys promptly raced up about ten seconds after disembarking the bus. Never mind that the actual steps to to the top are on the exact opposite side of where we were.

And these would be the views of Baltimore from the top:

It was probably 7:30 in the evening when these were all taken as we'd gotten on the Charm City shuttle a little after 7 and hot footed it to Federal Hill in hopes that we could be back on the bus before it finished its run at 8. We ended walking home, but that was actually by choice because it was such a nice day and evening. 

We made the tactical error of walking past the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum (which, when I typed the first time came out "Ripley's Museum or Not", more coffee, please) which we also did not have time for. See above. 

"Liam, do you want to go to Lambec for Wet N Wild again or do you want to do Highlands this year?"

Uh oh.

Back to Federal Hill.