Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Birthday boy

Happy 10th birthday to Liam! I can't believe we've had this kid for a decade already...

He got a lot of cool gifts this year, but he's been after a light saber for months so he was super excited that Dada had a moment of weakness and got him one. Here's the card from his sister:

One of the fun items in the bag of goodies from Grandmama:

Oh dear, I didn't order these well at all. Sorry. Trick or Treat was Saturday and it was coldish but calm and the imminent rain held off after some sprinkles. I thought this tree was really cool in the streetlight:

...but it's shadow was even better! And look! A Cap'n Jack sighting! Fancy that!

We decided a bowling party for Liam would be perfect as he hasn't been bowling in ages and he loves it. Plus, everyone can eat pizza and cake at the bowling alley and I don't have to clean the house. *WIN!* Oh, that was my out loud voice again, my bad. So here's the crew:

As I mentioned, he got a lot of cool loot. He'd asked for Pokemon cards, Minecraft anything, Lego stuff. He got all that and more, including minion jammies (adorable!) and a heavy duty flashlight, compass, firestarter, Boy Scoutish things. All in all, he was pretty delighted with his birthday.

Candy from Trick or Treat and the parade and party at school on Friday weren't bad, either. 

So, we had Darth Vader (That Asthma Guy, as he's known in some circles- you know who you are), a satyr (our mythology obsessed Thing One) and Superman. And Dumbledore and Cap'n Jack. Not a bad mix, savvy?

Shoot, that's an upside down Yoda. *sigh* Anyway, it was green cake (yellow + food dye) with cream cheese icing dyed to whatever color, and we found dark chocolate mint m&m's for our Mister Minty's decorations, hehe! It was quite tasty!