Friday, November 06, 2015

In honor of Grammy

Yesterday would have been my Grammy's 94th birthday. She was pretty fond of critters, big and small. Maybe that's why I saw so many of them out and about. 

At the bus stop, Carrie and I looked across the street as the bus approached, and three deer were hanging out in the winter wheat. Thankfully, they stayed put and didn't try to cross through the traffic behind the bus. They were even there long enough for me to get back in the house, tell the boys to get moving and grab the camera before dashing back out to get some pictures. Sorry about the quality. This first one was auto contrasted by the computer and it helps a little tiny bit:

The sky and humidity reminded me of the mornings we experienced camping in Hawaii. Such soft pastels and warm wind. Again, I'll take it!

I heard lots of chittering and gnawing out back. This little guy was way up high, making enough racket to be easily found:

Dang it, the yellow jacket who's been zooming around in the house is still here... I am much less tolerant of bugs in the house, grrr!

Anyway, not often I get to hang clothes out in November, but I got four days of it, baby!

Something or Somebody is wearing a path from the creek to the apple trees. Or the other way around. It smelled pretty interesting to Triskal this morning, Whoever or Whatever it was.

And the poor garden is yielding dandelions:

And grasshoppers. Boy, this one was active!

What's left of the tomaters:

Still leaves on trees. And needles, I suppose. 

That's all for now. Must go commit insecticide...