Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Sorry in advance if this is choppy; I'm cleaning in bouts where photos load and things of that nature, so I'm bopping in and out of my chair while blasting our Pitbull station. I have the dishes drying, clothes in the dryer, a toilet bowl soaking, a heater vent freshly scrubbed and also drying, etc.

We traveled to Indiana to visit our family there. The kids had a great time playing with cousins Lizzie and Zach, especially as there were Nerf guns to be shared. I honestly couldn't count how many squishy bullets were fired past, over, around, and off of each person there. I suppose with three boys ten and under plus two girls there will be things of that nature happening, hehe.

That will kind of give you a glimpse of the three days we spent. Damon "helped" with bread cubes for the stuffing, the girls baked pumpkin pies, Becky started the bird single-handedly as the guys were off at a CrossFit challenge which involved way more running, pushups, pullups, and other ridiculousness than should ever happen on a day devoted to serious eating. 

Movies happened, art happened, games happened, shopping on Black Friday happened, and we not only escaped awful traffic both to and fro, we missed any bad weather. The snow they'd gotten came before we got there and it disappeared completely thanks to temps in the high 50s and the soft rain that fell on Friday. 

We even managed to stop at some shoppes on our way home and hit some great Black Friday deals at JCPenney, so merry early Christmas to us. Win! We have friends who joked years ago about "if you survive more than 10-15 years of marriage you should get to have another party and register for replacement Stuff because everything quits working and you need to replace it all around then..." We took their advice. *wink wink*

So super big thanks to Uncle Kelly, Aunt Becky, Lizzie and Zach for hosting. We were blessed by your hospitality, yummy food, and laughs. We love you. 

Hoping all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving with far too much food, wonderful company, and a realization of your blessings. I'd love to hear about yours.