Monday, November 09, 2015

Frosty colors

For those of you getting tired of nature photographs, I apologize. It's just that the colors are what I like best about autumn, and since I don't like autumn very much at all because of what comes after it, I try to suck up as many of the colors as I can. Which means you will have to suck it up. Sorry.

This is what it looks like now around here, going into the second week of Movember. Yes, that was deliberate. No-shave-Movember, remember? To be used to promote awareness of guys' health issues and reminders to make those yearly checkup appointments. That's your PSA for the day. Go call. Then come back to read more blog. I'll wait.

Done? K.

We have a large pretzel container in which we keep all the kitchen compost mess before it migrates out to the compost bin or the heap by the creek. We asked Carrie to go dump it, please, and this is how she showed up, all prepared to do the job right. The "light saber" is actually a flashlight as it was already dark when we asked her to trek out to dump it...

Good old Darth Vader to the rescue!