Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Triskal Edition

No, no, she's fine, no panicking. Sweet old Triskal will be 10 on the Ides of December, and I thought I should get some fun pictures up to commemorate the last few weeks of our resident nine-year-old:

The last time my Mommee visited, she mentioned that we should get Triskal a bumper to cushion her from the cold walls. This is how Triskal uses her bumper, which is a sheet-wrapped noodle that had been a draft blocker in a previous life:

We didn't shave her this summer, which I regret. I took some scissors to her in the last two weeks a few times and am pretty pleased with the end result. I was hoping for less mud/rain/leaves/mess to be brought in. I will spare you the grossness of the visual aid displaying the difference between where her rubber mat covers the floor and our non-covered carpet. Icky.

Damon saw this photo and said, "just the deck." I said, "look again," and he cheerfully corrected himself, "oh, it's a clue!"

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